January Miller has always enjoyed helping others. As a customer service representative at Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Nebraska (BCBSNE), she assists the company’s members every day.

“It’s a very humbling experience,” Miller said, “and rewarding, too.”

Miller came to BCBSNE in October 2018. While she didn’t have experience in the health care industry, she was well versed in customer service from her years working at banks.

Miller’s past experiences helped her transition to her new role smoothly.

“Health care and finances are two of people’s biggest concerns,” Miller said. “I was prepared.”

Miller and the rest of BCBSNE’s award-winning customer service team assist members over the phone and via email with claims and benefits questions. Though Miller lost the face-to-face interactions she enjoyed when she changed jobs, she said she gained a new perspective at BCBSNE.

“Some of the calls we get are difficult with members receiving challenging diagnoses,” Miller said. “You realize you don’t know what shoes people are walking in or what their battles are every day.”

Miller strives to avoid placing more stress on the members she helps and advocates for them as needed. Customers who appreciate her assistance will occasionally call or send an email to Christine Adams, Miller’s BCBSNE customer service supervisor, to compliment Miller on her work.

In fact, Miller has received seven compliments over the last two months, Adams said.

“January is a role model for other customer service reps,” Adams said. “She is so compassionate and truly loves helping our members. She is a ray of sunshine on our team.”

Miller said knowing she’s able to help others is rewarding.

“I always thought I’d have to have a grand title or be in a higher position to make a difference,” Miller said. “I get to come to work every day, and I get to help people. This is truly where I’m supposed to be and where I belong.”

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