Kiran Ala has been focusing on keeping every dimension of wellness balanced for almost 20 years.

“When I was a teenager, I watched the movie Rocky,” said Ala, database administrator at Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Nebraska (BCBSNE). “I was so pumped up to be a boxer and started my journey with a push up challenge with my younger brother. I felt a lot more energized, apart from the soreness. Since then, I never lost my motivation.”

Working at BCBSNE has helped him stay motivated and keep wellness in focus.

“Coming to BCBSNE was one of the best decisions of my life,” he said. “Wellness is part of the culture, and the company highly encourages their employees to be part of wellness events throughout the year and be healthy.”

Ala strives to motivate other people, including his coworkers, in their wellness journey, just like Rocky inspired him.

“If I am doing well, I want the people around me to do well, too,” he said. “You can motivate a person up to a certain level and it automatically sets that person to continue on that path and stay inspired.”

However, he knows that not everyone gets motivated in the same way he does, so he meets people where they are.

“I will just try and go that extra mile to make sure they show up to the gym,” said Ala.

To strive for wellness himself, Ala exercises three to five times a week; however, his wellness extends far past a gym routine.

“Being physically active is only half of it,” said Ala. “The rest depends on diet. I generally have a well-balanced diet on weekdays and the weekends are the cheat days.”

He has also found ways outside of the traditional exercise and diet routine to stay well.

“Listening to music has a positive impact on my health,” he said. “Spending time with family will bring me lots of joy as well. One of my favorite ways to stay well is dancing with my little ones after they come home from daycare.”

Wellness is a major portion of his family life.

“My wife is also a fitness freak,” said Ala. “She exercised until the day before she went into labor. I can also proudly say my elder daughter started working out at the age of 11 months with one-pound dumbbells.”

Ala is staying well while working from home by exercising on the treadmill and getting motivation from his wife.

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