Networking is everything when it comes to starting a career. At Shaking It up for Students, Nebraska business leaders recently came together to build connections with local college students.

The event, hosted by Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Nebraska (BCBSNE), was sponsored by College Possible, a nonprofit organization dedicated to making college admission and success attainable for low-income students.

College Possible students and local business leaders spent the evening mingling and getting to know one another. Gretchen Twohig, a BCBSNE employee and College Possible board member, said conversations were lively and authentic.

“I was impressed by the professionalism, confidence and determination of the young people who I met and spoke with,” Twohig said.

Elizabeth Odorisio, manager of human resources at Thrasher, also attended the event and enjoyed her conversations with students, especially when talking to a young man about personal fulfillment.

“Our motto at Thrasher is ‘fulfilling work creates fulfilling lives,’” Odorisio said. “I told him not to sell himself short and to find a job that fulfills him.”

Adele Kanley, a University of Nebraska at Omaha computer science major, said she hopes employers at the event remember her and the other students when they go to apply for jobs.

“It’s good to put yourself out there,” Kanley said. “I wish I could remember everything I was taught tonight.”

Caitlyn Flannery, a University of Nebraska at Lincoln criminal justice major, said networking makes her anxious, but she had a good experience at Shaking It up for Students.

Megan Moslander, development director of College Possible, said the event was a great success and will be held again.

“We hear over and over about the brain drain and how companies desire talented, diverse candidates,” Moslander said. “College Possible serves over 2,200 talented and amazing students on their journeys to get a four-year degree, many of which fulfill exactly what the metro area is seeking.”

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