On Wednesday, April 24 Nebraskans from across the state took a 30-minute walk to prioritize better health and a stronger community on National Walk at Lunch (NW@L) Day.

Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Nebraska (BCBSNE) joined forces with YMCAs across the state to host the annual event to encourage healthy practices and support the community.

“This event is a great starting point for healthy habits,” said Carrie Kahnk, the well-being coordinator at BCBSNE. “The day was a huge success and seeing families, friends and coworkers all striving toward better health was so special. There’s just something great about getting outdoors and making a real effort to boost our physical well-being. Huge thanks to everyone who made this year’s event a hit!”

BCBSNE pledged to donate $5,000 to Special Olympics Nebraska (SONE) if 10,000 walkers registered for the event. The company surpassed its goal and had nearly 15,800 people, including 556 BCBSNE employees, sign up for NW@L Day.

“We look forward to National Walk at Lunch Day every year,” said Carolyn Chamberlin, president and CEO of SONE. “It is a great event that brings the community together, promotes fitness and raises funds for our athletes and our work. BCBSNE is a great partner for our mission, as providing inclusive health opportunities is an important part of our work.”

In addition to the donation to SONE, one lucky school that participated in NW@L Day won a $1,000 physical education grant. Congratulations to Brady Public Schools, this year’s winner.

Amidst music, sunshine and camaraderie, walkers from neighboring businesses took strides toward improved health at Stinson Park in Omaha, Nebraska. BCBSNE hosted an event at the park to give community members the opportunity to walk together.

“NW@L Day is more than just a great opportunity to fit activity into your day,” said Jeremy Kaliff, a benefit and compliance specialist at BCBSNE, who participated in the walk at Stinson with her coworkers. “A short walk over lunch can help break up your day and clear your mind, and, for the HR team, it gave us the chance to connect and socialize with one another. Our team looks forward to this event each year.”

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