Fueling your body is important, whether you’re hitting the roads training for a 10K, going out for a casual jog or trying to break a personal best time.  

Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Nebraska (BCBSNE) put together some tips to help you stay fueled on your next run. 

Fruits, vegetables and carbs are key 

According to the U.S. Department of Agriculture, every meal should ideally include a grain, fruit, vegetable, protein and dairy to keep you healthy and ready to tackle each day. As a runner, prioritizing the basics of a healthy meal will keep your body fueled for each workout.  

Don’t skip the carbs! Skipping out on carbs, which contain sugars essential for maintaining energy levels during a long run, will likely cause you to hit a wall on your next run. Johns Hopkins Health said running uses both the glucose in your bloodstream and your stores of glycogen as fuel during exercise.  

Fuel before, during and after a run 

Planning your meals correctly can make or break your training routine. Before a long run, fuel up with carbs, like bagels, peanut butter or energy bars. If needed, pack a quick mid-run snack to keep you going. Options like raisins, energy gels or even gummy bears can give you the sugar boost needed to carry you through to the finish line.  

After your run, rehydrate and refuel with an electrolyte drink and meal packed with both protein and carbs to prepare for your next run. 

“It’s so important to give your body the nutrients it needs,” Kenzie Pavlik, senior agile project manager at BCBSNE and avid runner, said. “Fueling your body before, during and after a run not only keeps you energized but allows your body to recover and rebuild when hitting the pavement.” 

Listen to your body 

You know yourself and what your body needs best. Take notes on which foods keep you energized longest and make you feel your best during training runs. Make adjustments as needed and trust your intuition when nourishing yourself before and after each session.

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