As a father of two, husband and Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Nebraska (BCBSNE) employee, Clint Williams knows work-life balance can be difficult to achieve.

“It’s always a challenge,” Williams said. “I have two very active boys that play a lot of sports and are very active in school. My wife and I are constantly trying to balance all of that and what we do at work.”

As BCBSBNE’s vice president of pharmacy and wellness, Williams knows a few tricks for finding balance.

Williams’ department oversees the company’s workplace wellness program. From free flu shots to wellness challenges, the program has something for everyone, including Williams who participates in the above, visits his doctor at least once a year and rides his bike with his wife and friends.

BCBSNE’s wellness program and its initiatives focus on the overall wellbeing of employees.

“A lot of people think wellness is about physical wellness, but there is also managing stress, time management, taking care of your body from a physical standpoint and also a nutritional standpoint,” Williams said.

Outside of the wellness program, Williams credits the company’s culture for fostering a supportive environment where employees can rely on one another.

“When we focus on things, we do them really well,” Williams said. “We help each other along the way, so we don’t see as much burnout. It’s something we have to keep an eye on, though, and find ways to help.”

Avoiding burnout is the goal of a work-life balance approach. Williams suggests employees find what works best for them.

“There isn’t one solution that works for everyone,” Williams said. “It’s important in this day and age to try to focus on what’s most important.”

For Williams, spending time with family is most important.

“They’re going to bring you things that you can’t always find here at work,” Williams said. “Having that balance between work and home can be a way to find success.”

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