From navigating weight loss to managing a diabetes diagnosis, Registered Health Coach Sara Schneider is there to help Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Nebraska (BCBSNE) members reach their health goals step-by-step.

Schneider, a registered nurse and diabetic educator, works with BCBSNE members through Wellframe, a free mobile app. The app, which is available to all members, provides access to a health coach, like Schneider, and other resources to assist in managing a chronic health condition through one-on-one support.

Support comes via in-app messaging, phone calls and personalized care, such as educational materials and surveys to track how members are feeling.

Schneider helps members break their health goals into steps, then connects with them daily.

“I’m checking in on each member and seeing if they have any needs or anything that I can help them with,” she said. “I’m really encouraging them, so they can make sure they’re staying healthy.”

Recently, Schneider helped a member quit vaping.

“We signed him up for the app, he set weekly goals for himself, and we communicated throughout the process,” she said. “Now, he is still smoke-free and credits having that accountability and support of someone outside to help him through it.”

Schneider frequently assists members who have received a Type 2 diabetes diagnosis.

“That’s very scary for some people and can seem overwhelming,” she said. “I work with them to find out where they’re starting at and walk them through the process to take control of their health and help get them back to how they were living pre-diagnosis.”

Usually, members stay in the Wellframe program for three to six months. Once they reach their goal, they have less interaction with Schneider and BCBSNE’s other health coaches but can still reach out to ask questions or receive assistance.

Overall, Schneider said she is proud to be a part of members’ health journeys.

“I truly enjoy working with our members,” she said. “I really get to know them on a personal level and get to help them achieve a healthier way of life.”

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