Like many people, Blue Cross Blue Shield of Nebraska (BCBSNE) employee Alejandro Cardenas fears public speaking. Unlike many others, Cardenas faces his fear at work every day, effectively embracing BCBSNE’s motto to Live Fearless.

Cardenas is a claims trainer and former Avenue Scholar who started at BCBSNE as an intern before becoming a part-time then full-time employee. His job requires him to teach six to 10 new employees in his class the claims process – a task that requires plenty of public speaking, which he’s always feared.

“It doesn’t matter if it’s two, three or 20 people,” Cardenas said. “I get really scared about that.”

Despite his fear, Cardenas, who’s held a variety of positions within the claims department, decided to pursue a training role when one became available. His motivation to face his fears was born from a desire to push himself out of his comfort zone.

“I was comfortable in the claims area, so I wanted to go for something challenging, something I’d been afraid of,” Cardenas said. “That’s being in front of the public, speaking out and teaching new people.”

With a confidence boost from his managers, Cardenas went for the position and received an offer for the job. He accepted and has enjoyed following his passion for helping others ever since.

“Being there for other people and helping people grow has always been my focus,” Cardenas said.

Catherine Hughes, Cardenas’ manager, has seen Cardenas follow his passion first-hand.

“Alejandro has the ability to make a topic that is difficult to learn, manageable,” Hughes said. “He is very patient and makes sure every learner gets what they need in class to be successful auditors on the floor. We are delighted to have him on our training team.”