When Grant was just 3 years old, his doctors discovered a murmur that required open heart surgery.

“Even if they consider it a small surgery, it’s still very scary, as a parent, to know that your baby is going to be opened up on the table to do something like that to his heart,” his mom, Kerry, explained. “Working in health care, I know how hard it is for families and how stressful it is for families to have these bills racking up and we have been so lucky to have Blue Cross Blue Shield on our side.”

Fortunately, surgery went well and Grant hasn’t skipped a beat. Now seven years later, he’s a Nebraska State Champion weightlifter who used free time during the pandemic to set several new personal records.

His biggest goal? To keep raising the bar.

“I’m always trying to lift more than myself,” Grant said.

He gives sage advice to the rest of us too: “You just want to start small and work on your form. … My coach sometimes says you have to earn your weights.”

Watch Grant and his family’s story below:

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