Young professionals at Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Nebraska (BCBSNE) recently came together for networking and professional development opportunities during the company’s second annual YP Summit.

The event, held at Blue Cross Centre, featured key note speaker Jaymes Sime, executive director of MICAH House, as well as speakers from inside the company, including BCBSNE employee Felecia Jones, who shared the importance of building relationships to gain trust and respect.

“It was a great opportunity to share ideas and stories,” Jones said. “We had a small, intimate group with a lot of participation.”

Participants completed a puzzle as an ice breaker, said Lyndsay Williams, a BCBSNE employee and event organizer. Six teams completed their portion of the puzzle before combining each section.

BCBSNE employee Alejandro Maldonado said the puzzle was fun and involved everyone at his table.

“We were the first ones to complete it,” Maldonado said. “I’d like that to be on the record.”

The event offered employees an opportunity to engage with others they might not normally work with, Williams said.

“I think sometimes people can feel like it’s hard to get out of their own bubbles at Blue Cross,” Williams said. “I hope YP events can be something for them to step out of their bubble in the end.”

Maldonado echoed Williams’ hopes and said the event enabled him to see what other young professionals bring to the table.

Overall, the event provided young professionals with the opportunity to connect and engage, which Jones said is important to BCBSNE’s success.

“It’s important for all employees to have a voice, especially our up-and-coming leaders,” Jones said. “Engaging young professionals allows for company growth, innovation and collaboration.”

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