Jennifer Cintani didn’t want to work just anywhere.

After taking time off from her career to spend time with her family, getting back into the workforce meant finding a higher calling.

Jennifer has found that calling as director of Government Programs Compliance and Medicare Advantage Compliance Officer at Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Nebraska. That’s a long title and a big job.

“I make sure Blue Cross follows all the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services rules for our Medicare Advantage members,” Cintani said.

That can include training employees, managers, sales personnel and insurance brokers.

“It’s something we are required to do but we try to make it useful and entertaining and dare I say, fun.”

Cintani was drawn to Blue Cross because of its community involvement, “it shows the company cares about what’s going on locally.”

She’s long volunteered in her community and now represents Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Nebraska on the ICAN board. ICAN – Institute for Career Advancement Needs – fosters leadership development. Something Cintani has a passion for.

“My passion is developing people,” she said. “The greatest reward is helping a person grow in their career and go on to do awesome things.”

That’s important now more than ever with Nebraska’s low unemployment rate.

“Young people want flexibility, and a chance to grow. When you create an environment where it doesn’t matter how or where a person works but what they can produce,” Cintani said. “You have more productivity and quality of life balance. Everyone wins.”

Cintani appreciates the flexibility to work from her Lincoln home a couple days a week.

“When you can bring your whole self to work, that means a great deal. Diversity of people and ideas only strengthens the place you work,” Cintani said.

When she’s not at work Cintani loves interior decorating. She lives in a 100-year-old home that she’s renovated.

Helping to improve her surroundings, a talent Cintani has at home and work.