Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Nebraska (BCBSNE) employees are harnessing the power of teamwork to meet one common New Year’s resolution during the company’s 12-week New Year, New You challenge.

New Year, New You is a team weight loss wellness challenge hosted by BCBSNE’s wellness team from Jan. 16 to April 10. Participants aim to lose weight healthily alongside three teammates, who provide positive peer support.

Studies, like the one discussed in this American Psychological Association article, show working towards weight loss goals with others can prove more effective than going it alone.

BCBSNE employee Pam Kurz found this to be true during the Healthy Weight challenge, which was the company’s team weight loss challenge in 2018.

Before starting the challenge last year, Kurz made a commitment to make long-term changes to better her health. Seeing the success of others, including her teammates, played a key role in keeping her on track.

“My motivation to stick with it came from those I knew that had lost a significant amount of weight before me,” Kurz said. “Had it not been for the Healthy Weight challenge and support from BCBSNE employees and programs, I would not have been nearly as successful.”

The wellness team has a weight maintenance challenge option for those not looking to lose weight. Individuals who choose this option aim to maintain their current weight or gain no more than three pounds during New Year, New You.

While maintainers won’t form teams, they still have a shot at prizes, same as weight loss team participants.

Health goals are common New Year’s resolutions. With the support of teammates and accountability provided by the challenge, BCBSNE employees won’t have to work towards their goals alone.

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