Class V of Nebraska Health Care LEAD was recently announced by the Nebraska Health Care Association (NHCA) and Nebraska Health Care Foundation. The year-long program aids in the development of workforce leaders who can meet the health care needs of aging Nebraskans.

“As an association, NHCA’s vision is [to] inspire people to shape their world,” said Jalene Carpenter, NHCA president and CEO, in a press release. “Through workshops, tools and mentorship, Nebraska Health Care LEAD is designed to inspire participants to use what they learn to inspire their own teams and, ultimately, strengthen Nebraska’s health care workforce.”

A kickoff retreat for Class V was held on Oct. 21, 2022, at the NHCA office in Lincoln. At the retreat, Class V members were paired with mentors from previous years of the program. The mentors will guide and support them throughout the year.

Nebraska Health Care LEAD, which stands for “lead, excel, advance and develop,”, consists of in-person and virtual gatherings, book discussions and connections with state and national leaders. The goal is to equip professionals to positively shape the future of health care in Nebraska; benefit their local communities; benefit employers through operations improvement and public relations and work toward personal growth.

“We are proud to help sponsor the fifth class of the Nebraska Health Care Association’s year-long LEAD program,” said Kathy Nellor, health transformation leader at Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Nebraska (BCBSNE). “This program truly has a positive impact on our health care leaders and directly impacts Nebraska’s aging population. We are grateful to help lift up the mission of NHCA in serving Nebraskans.”

Nebraska Health Care LEAD and  NHCA are one of the many organizations supported by the Combined Health Agencies Drive (CHAD). CHAD, a local organization raising funds for Nebraska health charities, is the recipient of BCBSNE’s Health of Nebraska sponsorship.

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