For a championship game, a job interview or a medical procedure, the outcome matters. Fans, applicants and patients hope for the best – but what if they could stack the odds in their favor?

Blue Cross and Blue Shield helps members do just that through its Blue Distinction Specialty Care program.

Blue Distinction is a national designation awarded to hospitals and medical facilities that have demonstrated expertise in delivering quality health care and patient results.

Services provided by facilities recognized in Blue Distinction Centers include cancer care, spine surgery, knee and hip replacement and others.

Valley Hope in O’Neill, Nebraska is one example of a Blue Distinction Center creating better outcomes for patients in need of substance use treatment and recovery care.

There, “the conception of a better life” began for Rex Younkin, a Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Nebraska member, whose addiction began in high school.

“They are, in my opinion, the best in the business for what we have around here,” Younkin said. “I’ve been to a lot of treatment centers. That was my last stop, so I thank God for them.”

To learn more about Valley Hope and to hear Younkin’s story of recovery, watch the video below.

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