Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Nebraska (BCBSNE) joined the YMCA of Greater Omaha, Omaha Public Schools (OPS) and other community members in celebrating the ribbon cutting of the new Buena Vista YMCA Express on Thursday, Aug. 4.

“Buena Vista is the first express YMCA in the Omaha Metro area,” said Rebecca Deterding, president and CEO of the YMCA of Greater Omaha, during the ceremony. “As an Express YMCA, we had to be extremely thoughtful about how to create the most productive, efficient, inclusive and fun wellness experience possible.”

The new branch connects directly to the new Buena Vista High School and features EGYM Smart Strength Equipment, which allows users to get a complete strength training workout done in 30 minutes or less by using circuit-style training; the MX4 Training Program, which utilizes weight-bearing exercises and high-intensity interval training to help participants build functional strength, and traditional strength training and cardio equipment. Altogether, this allows gym-goers of all fitness levels to find what fits them.

“The ability to conveniently use these fitness resources is a huge benefit for YMCA members who are part of the school faculty and student body,” said Brandon Brugger, executive director of the Buena Vista YMCA Express, in a press release. “I’m excited for all students to take advantage of what we have available here, whether they’ve been involved in sports in the past or not.”

BCBSNE has worked with the YMCA for the past three years to help bring this location to life.

“Our mission and the mission of the YMCAs are closely aligned – to engage and invest in the community and make sure everyone has the opportunity to learn, grow and thrive,” said Steve Konnath, BCBSNE’s chief actuary, underwriting and analytics officer and YMCA of Greater Omaha Metro board member, during the ceremony. “This facility helps make those opportunities available, and we are excited and honored to be part of it.”

OneWorld Community Health Centers also has a school-based health center adjacent to the high school and YMCA that features a nurses station and behavioral health services.

“This is going to be a beacon for hope in our community, so it’s a one-stop shop for exactly what every single family needs in this area,” said State Sen. Tony Vargas during the ceremony.

The new location officially opened on Monday, Aug. 8.

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