Every pregnancy is full of surprises, but Amber’s was especially remarkable.

The likelihood of identical triplets like Sharlet, Sydnea and Savana being conceived spontaneously (without medical assistance) may well be one in a million.

Amber hadn’t been trying to get pregnant, so learning she’d be having multiple babies at her first ultrasound – first they thought twins; then triplets – was a shock. But she soon came to count on seeing and hearing those three heartbeats to know everything was okay.

“My advice to anyone that finds out they’re having multiples or even a baby, for that matter, would be to take a deep breath, look at the bigger picture and know that it was meant to be,” Amber said.

Twenty-six weeks into her pregnancy, Amber was put on bed rest at Methodist Women’s Center. Just two weeks later, she had an emergency Cesarean section (C-section) to deliver three beautiful girls who each weighed between two and three pounds. They spent 68 long days in the newborn intensive care unit (NICU) before all coming home on the same day – much to the excitement of their, then, 3-year-old brother, Skylor.

Fast-forward through triple the feedings, weaning and teething; snuggles, giggles and “firsts;” growth spurts, skinned knees and sleepless nights… These 5-year-olds still keep mom on her toes, and she couldn’t imagine life any other way.

Watch more of Amber and her girls’ story below:

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