I have been fortunate to work as an intern in the marketing department at Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Nebraska (BCBSNE) for the past three months. Working with extremely talented and intelligent people has taught me so much about leadership and digital marketing.

I’ve made updates on the BCBSNE website, designed emails, developed content for our social media channels and wrote a few stories for the company’s Newsroom. I was even given the opportunity to rebrand our Instagram profile to show more of the culture at BCBSNE. How many interns can say that?

On National Intern Day, all 37 BCBSNE interns were celebrated at a luncheon with ample amounts of nachos and cake. Senior leadership and our supervisors were in attendance as we presented some of the work we’ve done and the experiences we’ve had this summer.

Our keynote speaker was President and Chief Executive Officer Steve Grandfield. He gave an insightful speech about how to keep yourself motivated in a work environment and advance your career. He gave us wonderful life advice such as “never chase a title, chase a passion” and “always ask yourself, why are you here [at this company]?”

“We have increased our investment in our intern program to spark innovation with students and help retain local talent in our state,” said Lorena Zamarripa, BCBSNE Talent Acquisition Coordinator. “As a Nebraska organization that is extremely invested in our community, we cannot overlook our duty to serve Nebraskans through employment. And what better way to do that than by giving interns the best experience possible.”

My favorite part about this internship has been working in a supportive environment that encourages learning from others and embracing service in our community. Being able to be part of this unique and strong culture is something that has shaped my outlook on what types of companies I want to work for in the future. I love how every intern is challenged to embrace the culture and really be part of the company instead of a temporary employee that runs errands for their supervisors like you see interns doing in almost every movie.

My experience here is not unique. I truly believe every intern that works here is pushed toward greatness and given the tools to succeed in life whether we stay with the company after graduation or not.

I believe I speak for all the BCBSNE interns when I say, my time at Blue Cross has been invaluable to my professional development and overall understanding of my field. I will forever be extremely grateful for this opportunity and the many people who have shaped my experience.