When Savannah Dubord first got her Avenue Scholars letter in the mail, she did not know that it would lead to an internship at Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Nebraska (BCBSNE).

The Avenue Scholars Program assists students starting their junior year of high school in developing professional skills that eventually help them find stable, high demand careers that require an associate’s degree or less. The program also places students in internships that have the potential to transition into full-time positions.

“BCBSNE was under the business category of the internship list we could apply for.” Dubord says. “It sounded like something I would be interested in.”

Now, a year later, Dubord smiles when she says she made the right choice.

“I had only ever worked in the restaurant industry,” says Dubord. “When I first started working at Blue Cross and Blue Shield, it was a welcome change.”

Over the year that Dubord has been with BCBSNE, she has gotten to know how to work with members filing medical claims while also learning about the greater purpose of BCBSNE’s mission as an insurance company.

“There are so many moving parts.” Dubord says. “Which I like, and I’ve learned so much.”

Dubord says she appreciates working at BCBSNE because she always feels like an equal to the people she works with, even if they are her superior. In her previous job experience, she never felt like she had room to grow like she has here at BCBSNE.

“People treat you like you matter,” she says. “Everyone is so willing to help, and they want you to succeed in what you are doing. In the fast food industry where I worked before, there was no collaboration between managers and other employees like there is here at BCBSNE.”

Dubord looks forward to graduating from Metropolitan Community College with her associate’s degree in business management  and putting all the professional skills she has developed at BCBSNE to use.

As her graduation approaches, Dubord is hopeful to stay with BCBSNE in the future.

“I feel like I’m doing something worthwhile and productive.” Dubord says. “Blue Cross and Blue Shield has me doing work that directly impacts people.”

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