Our Young Professionals (YP) Connect group – a committee dedicated to attracting, retaining and engaging young professionals at Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Nebraska – has hosted its first-ever YP summit for employees.

“Our YP group wants to continually bring opportunities to  coworkers to invest in their professional development and inspire them to see the change we can create in ourselves and the power we have as a group,” Kati Davis, YP Connect vice president and Sr. digital strategy manager, said.

“Whether it’s hustling your latest idea or establishing a thriving culture, we all have a responsibility in creating our own futures at BCBSNE and contributing to the kind of company we want to work for. We want our fellow employees to feel that energy we have, and this day allowed us to do that,” Davis said.

The day spotlighted a variety of inspirational speakers who helped activate curiosity and cultivate growth.

The line-up included Brittany Lange, head coach, University of Nebraska Omaha (UNO) Women’s Basketball; Omaha City Council member Pete Festersen; and a panel of BCBSNE employees who are involved in community boards across Omaha.

“One of the best parts about the event is that we were able to showcase some of our own internal talent to share their ideas, passions and experiences,” Davis said. “We’re fortunate to have some very passionate, energetic, and intelligent people whom employees want to learn from, and this gave them the stage.”

Attendees’ comments:

“This was such a wonderful event. I am so thankful I was able to attend!”

“There is a community of smart, talented, successful people with similar experiences as me. I listened to speakers who provided tools to work on positive change and growth – so inspiring!”

“You are in charge of your future. Make the most out of all opportunities and stand your ground!”

“It was great to see so many engaged young professionals from the organization,” Cassandra Johnson, co-chair of the event and Agile project manager, said. “The presentations really underscored our three pillars of professional development, networking and community involvement.”

Collage of photos from BCBSNE YP Summit