Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Nebraska (BCBSNE) understands the importance of health and wellness and strives to provide health and wellness resources to its employees. Since the inception of its first wellness committee in the early ’90s, BCBSNE has been continuously working to promote healthy living including adding full-time wellness services staff in 2005.

“At BCBSNE, our employees are our greatest and most important asset,” Kathy Nellor, manager of wellness services said. “We know that by providing opportunities along with a supportive workplace environment we can empower our employees to become aware of their overall well-being and take action on achieving personal well-being in all areas of their life (including physical, social, emotional, financial and occupational). Our goal is to help our employees become the healthiest, happiest and most productive versions of themselves.”

For employees, a supportive work environment includes an onsite fitness center with free group exercise classes as well as dietician consultations and support for active events throughout Omaha.

According to Nellor, in 2018, an average 130 employees used the onsite fitness center daily. An average seven employees attended group exercise classes.

“I began using the gym here when I started getting more involved in health and wellness,” Derek Wakefield, product manager said. “It’s so convenient to be able to drop in on my lunch or after work.”

Now, Wakefield can’t get enough; he’s joined the Wellness Committee and inspires others to get out and get more involved. He has even used the BCBSNE tuition reimbursement to attain his Master’s certification in health and wellness promotion.

BCBSNE also offers the BlueHealth Advantage rewards program. This program provides a monetary reward for participants who complete different activities throughout the year.

With such a comprehensive program, it’s no wonder that BCBSNE has achieved and maintained that Platinum Well Workplace award from the Wellness Council of America (WELCOA) since 2007.