Nebraska’s most “Nebraska” race brought runner’s from near and far to Papillion on Saturday, June 12.

Cornfield, Cornfield is one of three 10K races that makes up the Born and Raced in Nebraska (BRIN)  Running Series, Powered by BCBSNE.

“Cornfield Cornfield is a true hometown race, complete with beer, watermelon and sweetcorn,” said Linda Brown, sponsorship director of Pink Gorilla Events, the event marketing and production company of BRIN. “While runners don’t actually run through any cornfields, there is plenty of fun along the way. From the beautiful route around Prairie Queen Lake, to the entertainment and cheer stations along the way, and finally ending at the finish line just under Werner Park’s giant scoreboard, runners never tire of this unique course.”

All events produced by Pink Gorilla Event, including the BRIN Running Series, focus on creating unique, large scale hyper-local, signature running experiences that appeal to elite athletes just as much as the casual fun-runner.

“Pink Gorilla and BRIN put on some of the most organized and fun road races I’ve ever been a part of,” said Cameron Arch, director of assistant general counsel and corporate compliance officer at Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Nebraska (BCBSNE). “This race and the other 10K series races are no exception.”

BCBSNE is the Powered By Sponsor of the BRIN Running Series. The partnership between BRIN and BCBSNE allows both organizations to reach more members of the community and create better events for all.

“I am proud knowing that BCBSNE is helping to sponsor these local races and is taking this interest in our community,” said Sarah Lehotay, medical review specialist at BCBSNE.

BRIN also prides itself on giving back to the community.

“In our company’s 14-year existence, Pink Gorilla Events has donated over $700,000 to local community groups and non-profit organizations that have supported our events,” said Brown. “In 2021, the BRIN Running Series will have raised over $10,000 for community and non-profit groups.”

Harvest Moon Hustle, in September, is the last event of the 2021 BRIN Running Series. Pink Gorilla Events will wrap up its calendar year with the Market to Market Relay Nebraska on Sept. 25 and the Good Life Halfsy Oct. 24.

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