Connor Berg (middle) pictured hiking in the mountains of Winter Park, Colorado accompanied by friend Josh (left) and girlfriend Amanda (right)

“Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Nebraska’s (BCBSNE) wellness program creates a platform for us all to get together and be a part of each other’s journeys toward better health,” says BCBSNE Strategic Insights Analyst Connor Berg.

Berg first started at BCBSNE as a three-month contracted intern in the IS department. He then transitioned to a full-time role on the Sales and Account Management team before moving to his current position in the Strategy department.

Since becoming a full-time employee, Berg has been an active participant in BCBSNE’s internal wellness program, Be Well at Blue. Powered by the digital platform Vitality, this program enables employees to forge their own path to well-being by engaging in activities that interest them. Employees have the opportunity to earn points toward cash rewards by tracking workouts, completing online nutrition education courses, setting goals and more.

Berg’s favorite part of Be Well at Blue is the opportunity to participate in wellness challenges.

“No matter what they are or what time of year it is, challenges build a camaraderie—whether that be with your department or coworkers outside your department,” says Berg. “Wellness challenges unite Team Blue together as we each strive to reach a wellness goal.”

The competitive nature of the challenges is not only motivating but holds users accountable for their commitment to better health. This is crucial to Berg as he begins preparing and training for his first-ever marathon.

“I’m starting off my season with the BRIN Leprechaun Chase,” says Berg.

BCBSNE is a proud sponsor of the Born & Raced in Nebraska (BRIN) running series. One of the first races of the new year is quickly approaching: The Leprechaun Chase 10K.

“It’s not only fun to participate in the race but do it with your fellow coworkers,” says Berg. “The BRIN race series is a great platform for connecting and giving Team Blue the opportunity to run together.”

Employees are encouraged to participate in one (or more) of the races offered in the BRIN race series. As an added bonus, involvement earns employees points toward their Be Well at Blue cash rewards.

“Our wellness program creates a platform for us all to get together and be a part of each other’s journey,” says Berg. “We all have individual goals. We all have a reason to be in the gym or outside running. This is a great way for us all to support one another’s health and wellness goals. You can’t get this anywhere else.”

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