Wellness has never been a linear process for Jeff Huether – rather, it’s had its peaks and valleys.

“Honestly, over time, my focus on wellness has reacted like the stock market,” said Huether, director of pharmacy at Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Nebraska (BCBSNE). “What has helped me is having a partner along the way that is vested in healthy outcomes. This way, we motivate each other through the process.”

Through all the highs and lows, he remembers his main motivation.

“Really, it’s my family,” said Huether. “They are number one on the list and having them involved in my wellness process is a huge bonus. My kids have wanted to be active and participate in the workouts with me. This has created a fun way for all of us to be together and get a workout in at the same time.”

To stay well, Huether focuses on what he can do to be positive about himself and his future self.

“I try to eat right and take brain breaks during the day when I can,” he said. “With the changes the pandemic has made, making sure I have an opportunity for a change in scenery, even as small as a different room in the house, impacts my wellness. I also try to use the Wellbeats app four to five times a week.”

Wellbeats is a health and well-being app offered to BCBSNE employees to help them focus on their wellness. The app includes on-demand workout videos, nutrition education, stretching and recovery tips and more.

“The app is really useful in finding different opportunities for exercise that are also based on the type of equipment you have available,” said Huether. “You can easily find different class lengths based on the type of program you want. It is a great tool available to help me meet my fitness and well-being goals.”

It gives Huether and his family a way to focus on their wellness without leaving the comfort of their living room.

“It’s easy and convenient,” he said. “There is something for everyone regardless of if you are a beginner or an expert.”

He is especially grateful for the app during the cold months when going outside is difficult and keeping motivation up can be even harder.

“We are going through times in our lives where we are having to find things to do inside, mainly in our own home,” Huether said. “All the time this has created is an opportunity to stay active, regardless of your fitness type, and Wellbeats gives me so many options to stay active at home.”

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*Wise & Well is a monthly wellness series highlighting BCBSNE employees and their dedication to health and wellness.