Terel Dunn started at Blue Cross Centre (BCC) as a Frontline Security contractor two years ago.

In his third year at BCC, Dunn joined Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Nebraska’s (BCBSNE) security and life safety team, becoming a full-time employee and discovering “can’t miss” opportunities for growth.

Dunn transitioned to his role as a BCBSNE life safety officer in the fall of 2018. The change came with additional responsibilities, such as keeping track of weekly medical emergency radio checks. Many aspects of his job, including assisting visitors and helping employees, remained the same.

“It’s all a good experience,” Dunn said. “I love being here at Blue Cross and Blue Shield.”

Dunn continues to work alongside his former Frontline Security coworkers, who supplement BCBSNE’s security and life safety team. He said working with the team is the best part of his role.

“We all communicate really great,” Dunn said. “We focus on positive experiences. Even if we do something wrong, we move forward. We all know it’s going to turn out great with the team we have.”

Matt Witkowski, BCBSNE life safety specialist, said Dunn’s experience as a contractor gave Dunn confidence in his role as a full-time employee.

“He was able to walk into work his first day with established relationships,” Witkowski said. “Usually it would take weeks, if not months, to train and get a new employee comfortable. By converting a contractor into a full-time employee, the company gets the benefit of immediate production.”

As a full-time BCBSNE employee, Dunn is eligible for tuition reimbursement opportunities. He plans to study law and justice at Bellevue University next fall.

“You just can’t miss that opportunity,” he said. “I’m always looking for ways to better myself.”

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