Coffees poured and seats taken, Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Nebraska (BCBSNE) employees recently gathered in a conference room, ready to hear from Rebecca Stavick, executive director of Do Space.

Do Space is a nonprofit providing technology access and education. Stavick actively manages Do Space’s relationships, direction and strategy, bringing technology industry leadership and five years of public library experience to her role.

Stavick’s leadership experience and professional journey are exactly what BCBSNE employees came to learn about at Leaders and Lattes, a monthly event hosted by the company’s Young Professionals (YP) Connect group.

At Leaders and Lattes, professionals from inside and outside BCBSNE provide insight into their careers during a question and answer session with YP Connect moderators.

During a recent session, Stavick spoke about Do Space’s mission, values and partnerships and the obstacles she’s overcome along her journey to her current role.

Stavick provided background on Do Space’s creation and shared available volunteering and learning opportunities at the nonprofit.

She offered insight on the experiences of women in the technology industry and shared the strategy she uses when unsure of her next career move.

“Always default to helping people,” Stavick said. “Helping others will always put you on a good path.”

Stavick, a 2016 “40 Under 40” Omaha Business Executives award recipient, said she didn’t see herself as a leader when her career began. To her younger self, she would say: “Leaders aren’t born. They’re made.”

“You find yourself in situations where if you don’t step up, no one will,” Stavick said. “Pay attention to what’s going on in the world. How can you help?”

Stavick recommended leaders work with their teams by talking less and listening more. She said “having the courage to overcome obstacles” is one quality that can lead to success and shared the benefits of thinking like a hacker to solve problems.

In an interview after Leaders and Lattes, Stavick said it’s important for young professionals to know what’s happening in their community and to hear local leadership stories.

“Not everything works out in life,” Stavick said. “The path to leadership is often squiggly lines. I think stories from leaders and how they were called into those positions, just for awareness, is huge.”

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