Food security was the focus of Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Nebraska’s (BCBSNE)  Fearless Grant presentation in Lincoln, recently. Two programs—The Center for People in Need and Community Crops—were given a combined $15,000 grant.

“These two programs each combat food insecurity in a unique way, and provide access to fresh, healthy food to populations that might otherwise go without,” said Marjorie Maas, BCBSNE director of corporate social responsibility. “BCBSNE’s Fearless Grants are all about supporting innovative, inspirational programs that serve the Nebraska community, and these two Lincoln programs are outstanding examples of that kind of work.”

BCBSNE’s Fearless Grant program is an effort to reach out statewide with grants, sponsorships and community involvement that span BCBSNE’s social responsibility focus areas of health and wellness, human services and education.

Community Crops’ $7,500 Fearless Grant will help create a permanent community garden for the Karen ethnic community in south Lincoln. The grant will fund the installation of a water hydrant and translation of educational and promotional materials into Burmese.

The Center for People in Need’s Neighborhood Food program will receive $7,500 in Fearless Grants to help distribute food and USDA commodities to low-income families in Lincoln during the holiday season. Apples, potatoes, onions, cabbage and carrots are typically not available in winter months. BCBSNE’s grant will ensure there is access to healthy, nutritious meals in November and December.