Purchasing a health insurance plan can feel overwhelming, especially when you’re buying one on your own. 

Heather Rollins, manager of individual sales at Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Nebraska (BCBSNE), can help by providing answers to some common individual health plan questions. 

What is an individual health plan? 

An individual health plan is health insurance you purchase on your own instead of through an employer. You can purchase this type of plan for yourself or for you and your family members, if needed. 

Where can you buy an individual plan? 

You can buy an individual health plan through most major health insurance carriers, including BCBSNE, or through the Health Insurance Marketplace® at HealthCare.gov. 

What does BCBSNE offer? 

Nebraska HeartlandBlue is BCBSNE’s ACA plan and offers:  

  • $0 deductible options  
  • 100% preventive coverage 
  • Premium assistance for those who qualify 

You can enroll in a Nebraska HeartlandBlue plan during the annual Open Enrollment Period (OEP) that runs from Nov. 1 to Jan. 15. You can enroll outside of OEP if you have a qualifying life event, like getting married, having a baby or aging off your parent’s health insurance plan and more. 

Visit NebraskaBlue.com/HeartlandBlue to learn more.  

Armor Health is BCBSNE’s alternative to ACA health plans and offers: 

  • 100% preventive coverage 
  • $0 preferred generic drugs 
  • Nationwide BlueCard coverage 

Armor is a short-term product that members can enroll in for up to 36 months. You can enroll in Armor Health any time throughout the year without a qualifying life event. 

Visit NebraskaBlue.com/ArmorHealth for more information.  

See how Armor Health and Nebraska HeartlandBlue compare. 

Who can help you purchase an individual health plan? 

If you need help finding a plan that’s right for you, BCBSNE representatives are available via email, phone, zoom or can even meet in person.   

“Our role is to help future and current members be confident in the choices they make,” Rollins said. “We want them to feel confident in their plan when they go to the doctor. That’s why we have so many ways for members to reach out and buy a plan that’s right for them.” 

For more help on choosing an insurance plan, contact a BCBSNE agent here or download this Understanding Health Insurance Options PDF. 

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