Angel’s Type 2 Diabetes diagnosis in 2010 came as something of a surprise. A family history of the disease, combined with the onset of some troubling symptoms, prompted a doctor’s visit and revealed elevated blood sugar levels. 

For 10 years, Angel struggled to manage the condition and its effects. 

In 2020, Angel started on Virta, offered to her free as a Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Nebraska (BCBSNE) member. Virta is a proven, innovative program that combines a keto diet, one-on-one health coaching and continual collaboration between health care providers. 

The platform facilitates the coordination between Angel’s primary care physician, endocrinologist and Virta coaches. That collaboration has proven to be essential in achieving healthier outcomes. 

Since beginning Virta, Angel has dropped 24 pounds and reduced her fasting glucose from 257 to a much healthier 138. She went from six prescription medications to four, saving her money and hassle every day. 

“We all know what we need to do to be healthier,” says Angel. “But this program makes it simple to follow through with that accountability, support and the personal connection.” 

Personal connection is an important theme for Angel, but Type 2 Diabetes threatened the relationships she cherishes. 

“I think food starts conversations and builds relationships,” Angel says. “Diabetes changes your relationship with food. We naturally connect around a table, and we feed the people we love.” 

Virta helped her to navigate the impact diabetes had on the foods she once enjoyed with her family.  

“It can be hard…I’m Filipino, and I don’t eat rice much anymore. Rice is life,” Angel quips. “But through this program, I’ve learned about ways to modify and maintain my diet in a way that works for me long-term.” 

For the rest of Angel’s story, watch the video below:

“Blue Cross and Blue Shield is really the connection point for me,” Angel says. “They play such a big part in my story.”

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