Molly Billings, director of HR operations,  has always had wellness as a top priority. She served in a human resources role at Creighton University for 11 years before coming to Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Nebraska, and her wellness consists of a foundation and three pillars.

“The foundation of my well-being is my faith,” says Billings. “After my foundation, my three pillars of well-being are nutrition, sleep and movement.”

The first of her pillars, nutrition, is what came first in her well-being journey. After years of loving meat and animal-based products but not feeling her best, she decided to give a plant-based diet a try three and a half years ago.

“I said there was no way I was going to be able to do the plant-based diet, but I still tried it anyways,” she says. “The more I ate plant-based, the better I felt. I was able to sleep and move better, and I lost weight, but it was really about my health. It all just clicked.”

Billings laughs when she says she’s not a purist, but she does believe that nutrition has overall affected the way she approaches her well-being. She loves to encourage others in her department to try new ways to look at their nutrition as well and enjoys bringing a plant-based soup to the office for her team every other week.

Sleep, the second pillar in Billings’ well-being, has drastically changed her quality of life. After taking a class at Creighton University, she really began to focus on the quality, duration and conditions of her sleep.

“Our professor had us track our sleep, and you had to write down when you went to bed and your caffeine, and you had to analyze or reflect on your sleep,” says Billings. “It was a great exercise, and to this day, I really focus on my sleep.”

Billings admits she’s not always perfect, but by limiting her caffeine intake and staying on a scheduled bedtime, she has noticed her energy levels rise significantly during her day.

The third pillar derives directly from Billings’ raised energy levels: movement and fitness. While she enjoys running, Billings explains that it is important to try different methods of moving your body.

“Find whatever works for you,” says Billings. “My daughter, Elizabeth, and I to go to yoga every Sunday, and I think it’s important to invite others to try out different things as well.”

With her three pillars of well-being, Billings has set herself up to live a happy and healthy lifestyle. The work is never done, but she is committed to bettering her wellness one day at a time.

Billings says, “I want to just continue to improve and to be open to new areas of well-being.”

Her advice to others who are looking to improve their own well-being is simple.

“Make it fun for yourself,” she says. “Start small by taking a walk or trying a plant-based recipe. People should be happy while they are achieving their goals.”

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