Governor Jim Pillen recently presented Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Nebraska (BCBSNE) with the 2023 Governor’s Wellness Award at the Harvester level. 

Presented every three years, the award recognizes Nebraska businesses that prioritize employee health and well-being. BCBSNE has been honored with the award six times since 2008. According to the Nebraska Department of Health and Human Services, the Harvester level recognizes companies that “reap the benefits of an advanced wellness program and can demonstrate high-quality outcomes.” 

The company engages employees in health and well-being endeavors through its internal wellness program, Be Well at Blue. The program focuses on five different areas of well-being: physical, emotional, financial, career and community. Incentives keep employees motivated.  

“We want to be a champion of health and well-being for our members and the communities we serve—and that includes our own employees,” Carrie Kahnk, BCBSNE’s internal wellness coordinator, said. “Be Well at Blue helps us make that goal a reality for our employees.” 

To determine the effectiveness of Be Well at Blue, BCBSNE measures its workforce’s elevated risk factors by encouraging employees to complete a voluntary health review. Risk factors are measured by both biometric and lifestyle indicators, including BMI, blood pressure, physical activity, nutrition and tobacco use, among others.  

BCBSNE found 32% of participating employees had fewer than three elevated risk factors, resulting in a 2.6% improvement in risk groupings for employees who have been measured at least twice since joining the Be Well at Blue incentive program.  

“Well-being is feeling happy and healthy, enjoying what we do and working safely and productively,” Kahnk said. “It is imagining what is possible, creating a growth mindset and becoming the best version of ourselves.” 

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