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Protect your business from email compromise

The Better Business Bureau Foundation and its partners recently presented a free program to local companies about how to protect themselves from business email compromise (BEC). The event was held in Omaha at Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Nebraska. What is BEC? According to the FBI, BEC is a sophisticated scam targeting businesses that

Health care phone scams – the latest version

Does anyone answer the phone anymore? When you do get a call on your phone, it’s hard to tell through caller ID who it is. Many phone scammers are using local, genuine-looking phone numbers. Scammers are also pretending to be legitimate businesses to get your personal information. The Federal Trade Commission received more than 375,000

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Phishing messages: Don’t get hooked

Generally speaking, cyber criminals are fairly smart people—they usually take the path of least resistance to get their hands on whatever they want to steal. That’s why they continue to rely less on hacking computer systems, and more on something called social engineering -- especially phishing. Think of social engineering as hacking a person rather

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