Purchasing a health insurance plan can feel overwhelming, especially when you’re buying one on your own.

Nicole Creamer, director of consumer sales at Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Nebraska (BCBSNE), can help by providing answers to five common individual health plan questions.

1. What is an individual health plan?

An individual health plan is health insurance you purchase on your own instead of through an employer. You can purchase this type of plan for yourself or for you and your family members, if needed.

2. Where can you buy an individual plan?

You can buy an individual health plan through most major health insurance carriers, including BCBSNE, or through the Affordable Care Act (ACA) at HealthCare.gov.

3. What does BCBSNE offer?

Armor Health is BCBSNE’s individual health plan and offers:

  • 100% preventive coverage
  • $0 preferred generic drugs
  • Nationwide coverage

Armor is a short-term product and an ACA alternative that members can renew year-after-year. This plan is a good option for people who are:

  • Temporarily unemployed
  • A small business owner with four employees or less
  • Looking for affordable major medical coverage
  • Searching for an alternative to COBRA

4. What are the differences between Armor Health and an ACA product?

Armor Health and ACA products share many similarities; however, there are a few key differences.

For starters, Armor Health typically has a lower premium than an ACA plan because it is medically underwritten. This means that when someone applies for this plan, their health history will be taken into consideration and factor into whether or not they’re accepted, as well as what their premium will cost. Additionally, you can enroll in Armor Health anytime during the year.

ACA plans are not medically underwritten, but to apply for ACA coverage, you will need a special enrollment period. A special enrollment period occurs when you lose creditable coverage, such as coverage through an employer.

5. Who can help you purchase an individual health plan?

A licensed sales agent can help you think through your options and buy a plan that fits your needs. Contact a BCBSNE agent here.

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