Mallory Speck knows the power a degree has when pursuing her passions.

A Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Nebraska (BCBSNE) employee for the past decade, Speck has taken on roles in business areas ranging from customer service to sales and account management, all of which have enabled her to build relationships within the company.

“It’s been fantastic,” Speck said. “I’ve made a lot of friends and learned a lot about the insurance industry, more than I ever thought I would know in my life.”

Speck’s industry-based knowledge combined with skills picked up at Bellevue University while working on her bachelor’s degree recently enabled her to transition to a role in the marketing department.

The best part of Speck’s latest role at BCBSNE? She’s able to follow her passion for writing without having to worry about paying back student loans thanks to BCBSNE’s tuition reimbursement program.

BCBSNE’s tuition reimbursement program pays the way for eligible employees to pursue higher education. The benefit makes a big difference in the lives of working adults, Speck said.

“For people to be able to further their career, obviously they have to get a degree,” Speck said. “To be a working adult and having a family and a mortgage and trying to pay for all of that and not having to pay for school on top of it is so great.”

Speck said going back to school can feel daunting, but is worth it, especially when earning a degree will provide you with more opportunities in the workplace.

Opportunities for growth are what keep Speck at BCBSNE. She says she’ll stay with the company as long as it’ll have her.

“I’ve learned so much since I’ve been here,” Speck said. “It’s just not one of those places I really want to leave.”

BCBSNE’s tuition reimbursement program shows a willingness to invest in the internal talent the company already has, Dan Chicoine, Speck’s marketing manager, said.

“It demonstrates we are willing to recognize and reward those willing to put in the work to further expand on their career development and aspirations here at BCBSNE,” Chicoine said.

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